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User manual

Start the app…

  1. Wait until the GPS finds its position
  2. Choose one of the available roadbooks and download it or sign up for the event you enrolled in (this is the only moment when you need the Internet access!)
  3. You will see the entire roadbook as a list ready for viewing. By holding the first segment you will activate it and begin your ride. Click on it to go to the view of a single segment.
  4. Once you choose the right route, click the NEXT button and start driving. The app will automatically upload the next crossroads (the one you are driving towards) and distance to it, it will also start counting down the meters.
  5. As you are approaching the turn, the numbers showing the distance will gradually change to reflect the distance travelled, you will hear a loud beep 20 meters before the turn to remind you of the turn.
  6. When you reach the segment, orientate yourself, choose the right route, click on the NEXT button and so on and so forth until you get to the end of the roadbook.