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The application has a number of functionalities that facilitate its operation:

  • the app allows to share your location – in case you have to call for help;
  • you can view the roadbook and correct your position on it (the active segment);
  • the pause function – in case you get stuck in mud, are winched, have to go backwards or pause for a longer while (in order to prevent incorrect distance measurement);
  • if you follow a wrong route and go back to the previous segment, you can quickly reset it and restart distance measurement – click on the RESTART button;
  • you can connect a remote button on a cable or a wireless one in order to switch the segments without touching the screen – the rally function
  • the active route remains in the memory of the app so even if your device is discharged or reset you just have to restart it and the app will get back on the route without the need to download it from the Internet again.